How is Dot Foods navigating the COVID-19 pandemic?

We continue to keep a close eye on the developments concerning the coronavirus around the world and the U.S. Your health and wellness remain our focus.

Check this site frequently for the latest news and information as it pertains to Dot Foods.

As an employee, what do I need to know?

At Dot Foods, our people come first. As an employee of Dot Foods or Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), here’s what you need to know about COVID-19.


You are on the front lines every day to ensure products make it to our customers. The services you’re providing are absolutely vital.

As a customer & supplier, what do I need to know?

We are committed to continuing to provide minimal disruptions while doing our part to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and yours. Here’s what you need to know about COVID-19 and our supply chain.

COVID-19 Food & Packaging Essentials

The COVID-19 Food & Packaging Essentials is our continuously updated list of in-demand products. Check in regularly to see the products we have available to get you through the pandemic.


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