During this unprecedented and stressful time, we know that it can be difficult to stay connected to our colleagues. That’s why it’s so important to have some fun while we encourage and support one another—and remember that we’re all in this together!

Here are 10 easy ways you can stay connected to your team:

1. Virtual coffee breaks, lunch hours, or happy hours

Grab 30 minutes on your team’s calendar to just sit and chat. Some casual conversation will leave you all feeling more relaxed and better in-tune with each other’s lives. 

2. Team wellness check-ins

Send your coworker a quick email, text, or Teams message to check in on them. How are they holding up? Do they need help with anything? Even a small gesture like this can make a big difference in someone’s day.

3. Zoom Bingo

“Is _______ on the call?” “Sorry, I was on mute.” “Can everyone see my screen?” How many times have you heard those phrases and ones similar in the past few weeks? Now that more and more people are working from home, it’s easier than ever to play “Zoom Bingo.” Check out these hilarious bingo cards from Blue Fountain Media. You could even try making your own Zoom cards based on common phrases your team says! 

4. Add the Dot #YouAreEssential Facebook frame to your profile picture

Head to Facebook and join your Dot colleagues across the country in adding this great #YouAreEssential frame to your profile picture. 

5. Record a TikTok video and share it by tagging @DotFoodsCareers on Facebook

More and more people are giving TikTok a try. Take a video of yourself thanking a Dot coworker or Dot team and post it to Facebook or Instagram. Then tag us @DotFoodsCareers so we can share it on our page!

6. Set up a virtual scavenger hunt

Build up some team spirit and camaraderie by conducting a virtual scavenger hunt. Check out this guide made by Girl’s Guide to Project Management to learn how to host your own scavenger hunt.

7. Create team fitness challenges

Have your team keep their blood pumping at home and create a team fitness challenge. It could be as simple as each team member doing 10 pushups each day, challenging each other to a daily step competition, or something more complex if you’d like! You could also encourage your team to check out Dot Yoga on the Dot Foods Careers YouTube channel

8. Host a virtual show and tell

Set up another Zoom meeting and get to know each other a little bit better! Meet each other’s pets, partners, or children. Share your favorite recipes. Exchange favorite songs and have a dance party. It’s all fair game during a virtual show and tell!

9. Start a virtual book club

Have your team come together once a month to talk about a book that you are all reading together. It will give you all an excuse to talk about something other than work and a reason to follow through on your new year’s resolution to “read more books.” Don’t know what book to start with? Check out this Popular Work Book Club Books from Goodreads. 

10. Share your very real parenting moment pics while you're trying to work from home

Maybe your kids colored on your office wall. Or maybe your chocolate-covered toddler climbed onto your lap in the middle of a video conference. Take the time to embrace these embarrassing moments and share them with your team. We guarantee they can relate! 

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