We know there have been many changes to your job lately. We are so grateful for the flexibility you’ve shown during these strange times. Your willingness to adapt is helping keep yourselves, as well as your coworkers and drivers safe. You are one of the primary public-facing roles at Dot and your professionalism has been shining as bright as ever. 

We appreciate how up-to-date you’ve been with new cleaning procedures and doing your job amidst social distancing rules. You’ve been inspecting trucks to help keep our employees safe and encourage integrity in the food supply chain. You’re looking in the backs of every single truck that comes into Dot’s lots to make sure the product is there and that the proper paperwork is being done to keep everyone organized and accountable. 

Long story short—everything you have been doing has been in the best interest of everyone’s well-being and we can’t thank you enough for that. 

From all of us at Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), thank you for all of your efforts. You are essential.

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