What is Meal Prepping?

Designed by Dr. Stuart McGill at Waterloo University, meal prepping is simply preparing a meal or recipe ahead of time and portioning it out to create grab and go meals for the week. If you have ever taken leftovers to work, you have essentially done a “mini meal prep”, but a true meal prep consists of preparing food for 3-7 days at one time.

Why Meal Prep?

Meal prepping is efficient, reduces waste, and saves time throughout the week. It can also reduce the temptation to eat out, which can save you money. Meal prepping allows for you to have a home cooked, pre-portioned meal without needing to spend the time cooking every day.

Best Foods to Meal Prep

  1. Cooked grains and pasta
  2. Cooked beans
  3. Cooked meat
  4. Roasted vegetables
  5. Hearty vegetables
  6. Whole fruits (apples, oranges)
  7. Nuts and seeds
  8. Cheese
  9. Sauces and dips

What can I prep? 

This will vary from person to person based on preference and available amenities.

Meal Prep Formula

Basic: Protein + Grain + Vegetable 

Low Carb: Protein + Vegetable + Vegetable

Vegetarian: Legume + Grain + Vegetable

Sample Prep Menu

Breakfast: 1-3 whole eggs + 1 slice of whole wheat toast + 2 slices of turkey bacon

Lunch: 1 diced grilled chicken breast + 1 whole wheat tortilla + handful spinach + 1/2 diced green pepper + 1 ounce of cheese

Dinner: 1 grilled steak + 1/2 baked potato + 1/2 plate of brussel sprouts

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