With more and more people working from home, creating a make-shift space that is productive and can keep you comfortable is key. There are some small changes you can make in your home office if you find yourself unexpectedly working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic—and beyond. 

According to Humantech’s resources about working from home, ergonomics is all about improving your comfort, health, and productivity with thoughtful workplace design.

Here are some tips from VelocityEHS and Humantech about how to make your at-home work space the best it can be.

The Basics

Computer Monitor

    • Set the top of your monitor at, or slightly below, eye level 
    • Keep your neck straight, instead of craning or twisting
    • Position your monitor about an arm’s reach away
    • 20-20-20 Rule: Look 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds

Keyboard & Mouse

    • Make sure your arms are close to your body, with elbows near your sides
    • Use an external keyboard and mouse, and place them close to your body
    • Keep your wrists straight by floating your hands above your keyboard when typing


    • Choose a chair with back support and sit so your back is fully supported, reclining slightly if possible
    • Don’t sit on a stool, couch, or exercise ball

Work Surface

    • Use a hard flat surface such as a table or desk
    • Remove clutter and any drawers directly in front of your seat
    • If your shoulders aren’t relaxed while working, try raising your seat or lowering your workstation
    • Keep your knees at 90 degrees, with feet flat on the floor

Quick Fixes to Make Your WFH Space More Comfortable

    • Place an additional chair cushion on the seat for extra comfort or height
    • Use a box as a footrest to support your feet and legs
    • Use a speakerphone or headphones with a microphone to take calls instead of holding the phone
    • Raise your monitor with an adjustable stand, or stack of books
    • If your monitor is too small, increase the zoom settings
    • If you only have a laptop, tilt the screen backwards to create more distance and use keyboard shortcuts to reduce trackpad use
    • Stand up and move more often if your home setup isn’t ideal

For more tips on how to improve your work-from-home office from Humantech, click here.

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